The most flexible kitchen remodeling is when each work stage is in the hands of professionals. Puustelli salespeople are kitchen design professionals, who have the lessons of total kitchen remodeling in their back pocket. They keep the reins in their hands throughout the project.

These services are how we operate in Finland and Sweden. Although the principle is the same In other countries, review the matter with the local supplier.

We at Puustelli enable the easiest kitchen remodeling of your life. Our all-inclusive service concept from design to installation, remodeling and final cleaning is unrivalled in the industry.

We are at your service
Maksuton ideointi- ja suunnittelupalaveri, Puustelli
Free ideation and design meeting

Design of a new kitchen starts with a joint design meeting. As a client, you can tell the kitchen designer what is especially good and works in your existing kitchen and, of course, what improvements you would like to see in your new kitchen.

Trends come and go but an expert kitchen designer can tell you how to combine trends and timelessness.

Mittaus, Puustelli palvelut

Puustelli kitchen designers take responsibility for measurement, ensuring that all the kitchen furniture, counters, home appliances and auxiliary products are suitable for the places intended. They also examine door, window and casing location. Besides actual furniture measurements, they also map many technical details such as the location of electrical and water points, air conditioning and load-bearing wall structures.

Suunnitelma uudesta keittiöstä
Plan of the new kitchen

Based on the joint meeting, the kitchen designer makes a visual 3D-plan of the new kitchen. They also carefully calculate how much the new kitchen, including remodeling, will cost and will tell you how long the project will take. Choice of materials add the finishing touches to the plan of your new kitchen.

Digitaaliset palvelut
Digital services

At Puustelli, we want to do everything we can to make it as simple and straightforward as possible to do business with us. We have developed various digital services for you to use so that we can provide you with the best service possible irrespective of time and place.

Dismantling the old kitchen

Dismantling the old kitchen and installing the new one are an important part of the Puustelli service. The first work stage is to protect the site to be remodeled and the access routes. After this, the old kitchen is dismantled and dispatched to the sorting center, where it is recycled.

Puustelli-kalusteiden valmistus – Made in Harjavalta
Manufacture of furniture – Made in Harjavalta

Our top-of-the-line production facilities are on the same site as that on which the parent company’s first brick was laid a century ago. Quality has always been a matter of honor for Puustelli and is what we are known for. Quality is reflected in our lasting products, made from materials from top-quality reliable sources and respecting the environment.

Single delivery – multiple advantage

Once your new kitchen furniture is ready at our production facilities, we will notify you of the exact delivery date. The kitchen furniture and associated home appliances and fittings will be carried inside without your help. Puustelli deliveries always have transport insurance.

NB! These services are how we operate in Finland and Sweden. Although the principle is the same In other countries, review the matter with the local supplier.

Furniture installation and kitchen handover

Work done by the certified Puustelli kitchen fitter in your home comes with a two-year factory warranty. Our kitchen fitters have the latest information in the industry and tools intended for professional use to ensure a neatly finished outcome.

Once your kitchen is ready, it’s time to approve the final clean up and work. At the same time, our fitter will show you how to use the kitchen furniture and home appliances.

Onnistunut lopputulos, keittiöremontti, Puustelli palvelut
Successful outcome

For us, a satisfied client is a matter of pride. This is why we never compromise on the quality of our products or services.

Client satisfaction with our kitchen fitters and their installation work is continuously measured using NPS. From one year to the next, they exceed client expectations and clients widely recommend our fitters to friends and acquaintances.

Installation work warranty

Puustelli products have a functional warranty of ten years and some product-specific mechanisms have warranties of as long as 30 years. Work done by certified Puustelli kitchen fitters comes with a two-year factory warranty. Products such as home appliances, sinks, washbasins, faucets, lighting, etc. that we don’t make have a recommended warranty period. Two (2) years is the minimum warranty in consumer sales. Read the detailed warranty terms and conditions in our stores.