Keittiösuunnittelija – mistä tunnistat ammattilaisen?

How to recognize a good kitchen designer

A kitchen designer is responsible for a total service experience exceeding customer expectations and a plan for the new kitchen meeting client requirements. These are by far the designer’s most important responsibilities.

For a kitchen designer to be successful and succeed time and again, they are required to have diverse knowledge of materials, construction, renovation and interior design – technical skills alone are not enough. A good kitchen designer also has social skills and an ability to engage with each client as an individual on their terms. Good listening skills and an ability to gain the client’s trust are also required to find out the client’s real wishes and needs.

These helpful hints will help you to recognize a knowledgeable and dedicated kitchen designer with whom you can make your kitchen dream come true with confidence: 

Keittiösuunnittelija, ammattilaisen kyky kuunnella

1. AN ABILITY TO LISTEN - to meet and exceed client wishes

Clients planning kitchen remodeling often have many wishes, ideas and thoughts of their own. A good kitchen designer has the patience to listen and can also recognize the wishes that clients have not even been able to say aloud. From the point of view of the end result, it is also important for a kitchen designer to ask the right questions.

A start is made on making the dream arising in the joint planning meetings between the client and kitchen designer come true. Based on the meetings, the kitchen designer draws up a 3-D kitchen plan in line with the client’s wishes and budget.

Keittiösuunnittelija, ajantasaiset tiedot materiaaleista

2. UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION ABOUT MATERIALS – an ability to combine trends and timelessness

A common difficulty faced when choosing materials for a new kitchen is the abundance of choice and materials. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different door, handle and kitchen counter alternatives alone. Add to this the home appliance, sink, faucet, lighting and intermediate space options available, the choice adds up to thousands of products. The help of an expert kitchen designer is invaluable for surviving this jungle of materials. The kitchen designer’s job is to map the client’s wishes and preferences and to compile various options based on them. It’s much easier to make the final choices once the kitchen designer has done the pre-selection of materials..

Since trends come and go, it’s important to know which ones will withstand the test of time. When choosing materials for a new kitchen, they need to please you for years. Needless to say, this doesn’t mean abandoning trends. An expert kitchen designer can tell you how to combine trends and timelessness.

3. AN ALL-ROUND PROFESSIONAL – also knows exactly what the new kitchen will cost

It’s also a good idea in the very early stages for the client and kitchen designer to discuss the budget available. A good kitchen designer is at best an expert – not just in kitchen furniture but also in total kitchen remodeling and budgeting.

The budget provides the framework for all planning. It can help the client and kitchen designer to share a common view of the end-result sought.

The budget available is always up to the client. A professional kitchen designer tells in detail and transparently everything that can be achieved on the budget available. Once all the materials have been chosen and the scope of the remodeling work needed is clear, the kitchen designer can calculate the exact cost of the remodeling and also tell you how long the work will last.

4. UNDERSTANDING OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE LIMITED LIABILITY HOUSING ACT – it’s easy to notify the housing company of the remodeling once the extent of the remodeling is under control

Changes almost always have to be made in kitchen remodeling and these need to be notified to the housing company, which is required to keep a register of modifications made to residential units. Notification must be made in advance. An expert kitchen designer can help and provide the necessary documents for the notification. This allows the shareholder to focus on kitchen solutions rather than bureaucracy.

The housing company has the right to oversee the modification work carried out and notified by the shareholder. Permit matters are usually straightforward when the people doing the remodeling are reliable professionals.

Keittiösuunnittelija, tyytyväiset asiakkaat

5. PASSION AND PRIDE IN OWN WORK – satisfied clients

A kitchen designer who is passionate and enthusiastic about their own work is responsible for all the above aspects through their own competence.

Puustelli pays particular attention to client satisfaction with kitchen designers. Client satisfaction reflects how well a kitchen designer has managed to meet their clients’ expectations.

A satisfied client is a matter of honor for a kitchen designer, who does not rest until everything is in place in the client’s new kitchen!