Kitchen remodeling

The easiest kitchen remodeling of your life and all you need to know about it. Puustelli has been Finland’s best-selling kitchen and making kitchen dreams come true for more than 37 years. We remodel more than 6,000 kitchen each year. Make your kitchen dream come true. Simply and in confidence.

Kitchen remodeling à la Puustelli

The most flexible kitchen remodeling is when each work stage is in the hands of professionals from the very first meeting. Puustelli salespeople are kitchen design professionals, who have the lessons of total kitchen remodeling in their back pocket. They keep the reins in their hands thoughout the project.

Why do kitchen remodeling?

The kitchen is one of the most-used places in the home. Kitchen remodeling usually aims to make the kitchen work better, taking into account the needs of the family. The cornerstones of a functional kitchen can be considered sufficient counter and storage space, properly placed functions and high-quality home appliances. Since kitchen counters are exposed to the greatest wear and tear, it pays choose them carefully in when remodeling. Working in the kitchen is both efficient and pleasant if the kitchen functions are correctly placed. It’s nice to empty the dishwasher when there is space for the dishes in nearby wall cabinets and drawer units. High-quality home appliances make for easy cooking and also time saving in cooking. Adequate storage space makes it easier to keep the kitchen tidy. When everything has its own place, there's no clutter on the kitchen counters.

Kitchen remodeling starting points

Observing your own everyday life is important when starting to design a new kitchen. What goes on in your kitchen? Is there one cook or many? Do you bake a lot in your kitchen? Does the family need two dishwashers to ease the everyday rush? The starting point for kitchen remodeling and the plans are based on your needs and wishes for your kitchen.

Sometimes, clients consider the starting point for their kitchen remodeling is to list the things that are wrong with their existing kitchen. It's a good idea to take your time making this list, because not everything occurs every day. For example, when baking you may notice that there’s not enough kitchen counter space. Some of the problems you come across daily – waste sorting is hard since the trash cart has no room for sorting.

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