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Kitchen lighting

At Puustelli, total design also includes lighting. General lighting and lighting of a uniform worktop area are part of function and safety in any kitchen. You can say goodbye to extension leads when design factors in the number of sockets you want.

General lighting

Good general lighting is not just important for safe working in a kitchen but also for the sake of comfort. General kitchen lighting and target lighting are something that need to be designed at the same time.

Lighting in intermediate spaces

Lighting of 300-500 lux is suitable for lighting in intermediate spaces. A constant, glare-free light doesn’t strain the eyes and makes for pleasant working. The color of worktops and backboards affects light glare. Lighting in intermediate spaces rarely glares in a combination of a black or dark kitchen counter and backboard, whereas the same cannot be said with white and pale surfaces when light might interfere a lot. One of the features of many lights is that the brightness can be adjusted. Lighting in intermediate spaces is often integrated into the base of the top cabinet.

Furniture lighting

Puustelli lighted glass display cabinets add to the mood as such since the sides are often like the doors. Lights can also be incorporated in other cabinets. The lighting may include a sensor so that the light comes on when a cabinet or drawer is opened. If required, the top or bottom edge, or even both edges, can be highlighted with an LED strip. The lights and sockets in Puustelli multipurpose closets further improve function. In addition to the kitchen breakfast cabinet, a closet can be lit up because of its diverse dimensioning and superb materials for example in pride of place in the home for evening gatherings.

Dining table lighting

It’s nice to continue sitting around the dining table when the lighting neither glares nor prevents visibility. A suitable height for pendant  lights is around 60-80 cm from the table surface, depending on the lighting. The lower the light, the more certain it is to glare.

Power sockets

No two kitchens are alike. Small machines from coffee-makers to toasters usually have their own place and also need power sockets. In addition to which, gadgets such as blenders are also part of the design picture. Power sockets can be placed in the gaps between the furniture or sunk into a kitchen counter and used when the need arises, consigning extension leads to the history books.

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Kitchen appliances, sink, faucet and waste sorting
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Kitchen appliances

Besides Puustelli furniture, all the home appliances required by the client are on the design table. The place of refrigeration equipment and cooking area are important for kitchen functionality. There’s a precision-designed piece of furniture for each integrated home appliance.

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Kitchen sink, faucet and waste sorting

The kitchen sink, faucet and waste sorting combined are the most important functions in a kitchen. This requires durable furniture, various ready solutions for sorting and flexible dimensioning for different kitchen concepts. A successful combination makes many daily kitchen activities easier.