Puustelli has innovated a unique furniture system to eliminate moisture problems in bathroom fittings. The furniture frames feature a structure made of biocomposite by injection moulding. The biocomposite is a mixture of polypropylene and chemical pulp fibre, and is a water-resistant, non-toxic, ecological, modifiable and lasting material. This Finnish product innovation has been developed and is made 100% in Finland. The furniture system, which is suitable for kitchen furniture, has been in production in Puustelli Miinus kitchens since back in 2013. Puustelli was granted a European patent for its invention in 2018.

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Water-resistant material

Most bathroom fittings typically have a frame of MDF or particleboard, both of which have poor moisture resistance. The biocomposite frame in Puustelli bathroom fittings can fully withstand water and comes with a 30-year guarantee.

Low-emission concept

Formaldehyde is also present in the panel materials typically used in bathroom fittings. When emitted into the indoor air, formaldehyde is harmful to the health. Even when the panel structure is only slightly damaged, the impact of moisture multiplies the harmful effects. The Puustelli biocomposite frame has a formaldehyde content of exactly 0%. Not only that, the biocomposite is antistatic and does not attract dust.

Ecological solution

Once a frame made from conventional furniture board has absorbed moisture, it can no longer be repaired and must be disposed of and replaced. The Puustelli biocomposite frame on the other hand is a fully reusable and recyclable material. Since it is recyclable, any waste raw material originating in the manufacturing process of the Puustelli biocomposite frame can be efficiently reused.

Puustelli bioframe can be modified

Unlike traditional frame materials, the Puustelli bioframe doesn’t tire of modification or being moved. The frame has precise dimensional accuracy and fittings and materials that affect its appearance can be switched around numerous times if required without the screw fastenings becoming fatigued. The furniture is available for large and small spaces alike. The frames can be finished in various ways depending on the range. Puustelli has also developed from the composite for the frame, a design end panel with a restrained pattern suitable for different styles. Small locators have also been made in the panel in conjunction with injection moulding to make it easy to screw the end panel accurately into the ready-made holes in the frame. The bioframes of the washbasin cupboards have been designed for careful use of space. Plumbing has also been taken into account and if necessary can easily be accessed later. Base cabinets come at a height of 613 mm and widths vary between 200 mm and 1200 mm depending on the model. Since the depth is just 370 mm, they can fit into small spaces.

“The bathroom product development process has been long and at times challenging, but the outcome was well worth all the work. Following our kitchen furniture, a similar bathroom fitting innovation was already anticipated and is now in production,” says Jussi Aine, CEO, Puustelli Group Oy.