Laatu - Siksi Puustelli

Why Puustelli

Puustelli is Finland’s most popular manufacturer of kitchens, bathrooms and home storage solutions. Finnish Puustelli furniture is stylish, lasting and ecological. Only Puustelli can provide your kitchen as a real total package, with everything included in the price. Puustelli’s expert designers and our own fitters ensure the smooth remodeling of your kitchen and refurbishment of other spaces in the home from start to finish.

Unique, total quality management

Our company has had ISO 9001 quality management since 2004. Our certification applies not just to our products and product development but also all areas of our business activities. Puustelli’s certificate is unique in scope and an exception in the furniture industry. Certification is not a one-off achievement, but a determined ongoing development of the entire business that is monitored by an independent external party.