Keittiön kodinkoneet

Kitchen appliances

Besides Puustelli furniture, all the home appliances required by the client are on the design table. The place of refrigeration equipment and cooking area are important for kitchen functionality. There’s a precision-designed piece of furniture for each integrated home appliance.

Integrated kitchen appliances

The dimensions of integrated appliance furniture are customized based on brand and appliance in a Puustelli kitchen. This ensures free air circulation of the appliance, harmonized furniture lines, no unnecessary cover plates and maximum cupboard space.

Home appliances

Since Puustelli furniture for integrated appliances comes ready to install, there’s no need to work on it on site. A Puustelli biocomposite grille ensures air circulates freely in those kitchens where this is required. Freely circulating air also affects the energy consumption of the appliance. Precision-measured furniture allows for home appliances to be placed at an ergonomic height and thus safe use.

Together or separately

When buying Puustelli furniture, household appliances seldom need to be bought separately. And why should they since there are so many other things that need to be taken into account. Puustelli has partnered with leading European household appliance manufacturers for decades and so can offer customers particularly competitive prices. Furniture and household appliances are delivered to Puustelli customers at the same time, straight from our production facilities and carried inside.

We have these brands in our Finnish and Swedish selections.

Kitchen sink, faucet, waste sorting and lighting
Keittiön allas, hana ja jätelajittely
Kitchen sink, faucet and waste sorting

The kitchen sink, faucet and waste sorting combined are the most important functions in a kitchen. This requires durable furniture, various ready solutions for sorting and flexible dimensioning for different kitchen concepts. A successful combination makes many daily kitchen activities easier.

Keittiön valaistus
Kitchen lighting

At Puustelli, total design also includes lighting. General lighting and lighting of a uniform worktop area are part of function and safety in any kitchen. You can say goodbye to extension leads when design factors in the number of sockets you want.