Puustelli bathroom

Mornings get off to a good start in a Puustelli bathroom. After a shower, the image in the mirror immediately shows a brighter me. Open the cabinet door or drawer to cheer up more with everything in neat order. Toothbrushes, jars and pots are immediately visible and easily accessible. So Fresh!

Puustelli bathroom

The bathroom is a private area, where everyone’s morning routine begins in its own way. What better start to the day than finding everything needed readily at hand in the morning rush. Just like any other room, a bathroom needs individual design, with lighting. Practicality and safety are basic values. 

The abundant materials and colors in Puustelli bathroom furniture ensure a pleasing solution. Dimensioning is no obstacle either since the most accurate measurement in the land allows suitable furniture from sinks to tall cabinets, whatever the space. 

Frame materials

Puustelli frame materials come in different choices depending on the furnishing. Melamine-coated chipboard frames with banding around are fine for dry sanitation facilities. Several frame colors are available besides white. A white melamine frame with laser banding throughout withstands slightly more moisture.

Innovative and patented 

Puustelli has developed an innovative frame solution unlike any other for bathrooms, too. Melamine -coated chipboard is the usual frame material in bathroom furniture. The Puustelli bioframe replaces this board material. The advantages are undeniable. The frame biostructure is biocomposite, which is ecological, fully recyclable, fully waterproof and contains zero formaldehyde. The design pattern in the external sides of the frame is ideal for many styles. The Puustelli bioframe is the unbeatable choice for damp places. Choice of door material is worth paying attention to when planning where to put the furniture.

Ready-to-install solutions

Puustelli bathroom furniture is ready to install, ready assembled, countertops ready measured and washbasin immersion taken into account. Lighting and power sockets come as planned. All furniture closes gently without a sound. We use Legrabox drawers, which are among the best mechanisms, in the drawer units. Puustelli furniture does not cause indoor air problems. Everything delivered home in one go and carried indoors.

Other rooms

Puustelli storage furniture can be adapted at home wherever storage space and order are needed. Overlapping sliding doors open lightly. Storage furniture is made to measure, materials and fittings for different purposes. The furniture can also be chosen as pre-designed units.

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Utility room

The utility room almost automatically becomes a place for collecting, sorting and washing dirty laundry and the place where clean laundry is sorted, ironed and pressed. The utility room and its many functions require careful design to ensure practicality and ergonomics there, too.

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Dining room

Countless details create an elegant kitchen concept. The same lasting materials in different products come together in a Puustelli kitchen to make a harmonious and charming the space with no discordant notes. Dining sets are an excellent example of this.