Kitchen collections

As a leader in the field, Puustelli offers the customer a choice, with two mutually supportive yet different collections. Puustelli Original and Puustelli Miinus are both premium kitchens. The choice is yours!

Puustelli never settles for just any furniture solutions but is constantly passionately pursuing new innovative materials and developing increasingly more ecological ways to make its products as allowed by our modern production facilities. We want to offer customers nothing less than the best. Puustelli has been the best-selling kitchen since 1983. This is probably no coincidence.

Puustelli has developed a comprehensive, seamless ALL Inclusive service for its clients to make kitchen remodeling as easy as possible. Our trained salespeople make an overall plan including remodeling costs so that everything can be done in one go, including wallpaper and floors if the need arises. The price of a Puustelli remodeling, including materials, is clear once the dotted line has been signed. A suitable monthly instalment can be arranged if needed and we’ll do the rest.

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