Ergonomian salat

Miinus kitchen measurements

Public secrets of ergonomics

The frame measurement of Miinus furniture opens the door to ergonomics and makes design even more interesting. The measurement of bioframes is flexible and frames can be combined to create almost endless possibilities. Even the smallest space can be made functional and pleasant. Frames form the backbone of furniture and enable ergonomics and working convenience. Measurements and the materials used really do make a difference.

Ergonomics aims for flexible, safe working in the kitchen.

  • efforts to avoid unnecessary bending down and stretching
  • accurate utilization of measurement creates opportunities
  • suitable worktop height goes unnoticed in everyday routines – unsuitable has the opposite effect
  • corner mechanisms, drawer units and various door opening mechanisms are a great help

Functionality also requires ergonomics.

  • there should be unobstructed access between the cooking area, water point and refrigeration equipment
  • kitchen shape and the kitchen work triangle help with this
  • correctly placed furniture and door opening direction are important for safe kitchen working environment

Puustelli Miinus sample-measurements