Miinus Hiilineutraali keittiö

Carbon-neutral kitchen

In our own production, we comply strictly with our Natural Steps program in order to minimize the emissions when making Puustelli kitchen furniture.

Biocomposite and wood are the most important materials in the Puustelli Miinus kitchen. The mainstay of the structure is a bioframe, which is the most innovative kitchen invention globally for decades. The bioframe has replaced all the board materials traditionally used in frames. We can fully re-use all the material left over in production to make new products. Doors and worktops we make from wood. The wood we use is sourced from PEFC and FSC forests. Modern furniture production has enabled us to significantly reduce material waste and what does remain we use for heating our production facilities. A Miinus kitchen is the safe choice for consumers and the environment. Materials adversely affecting the environment have been removed – minused. We are committed to carbon neutrality at our entire production facilities by 2035.

Miinus Ekologinen keittiö
Simply the most ecological kitchen

Years of long-term work with Finnish researchers and experts in different fields were required to make the ecological Miinus kitchen a reality. The calculations took into account the entire lifecycle of Miinus kitchen furniture, including all materials, components and transport.

Miinus Ilmastoystävällinen keittiö
Climate-friendly kitchen

• Proven ecological materials and production methods
• Carbon footprint, including transport, calculated for the entire lifecycle
• Operations in strict compliance with the Natural Steps program
• Carbon footprint originating in production is offset
• Carbon-neutral Miinus kitchen -remains a leader

Miinus Sisäilmaluokan priimuskeittiö
Best indoor air rating – best in class kitchen

• Non-toxic to make, handle and use
• No substances containing heavy metals in production
• No glues with added formaldehyde in assembly
• Water-based lacquers stains and paints, and natural oils
• M1 indoor air quality limit undercut by almost half

Miinus pitkäikäinen 3R-keittiö
Lasting 3R kitchen

• Most innovative kitchen globally for decades
• New materials and structures
• Materials re-usable, maintainable and recyclable
• Patented furniture system
• Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Ecological kitchen brochure

The Miinus Ecological Kitchen brochure features inspiring ecological kitchen concepts and kitchen design tips. You’ll get inspiring ideas of different kitchen styles, but bear in mind that each Miinus kitchen is designed exactly to your wishes.

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