Furniture delivery

Puustelli furniture is delivered in one go. All furniture, appliances, sink/washbasin and faucet combinations, lighting, etc. are delivered straight from the production facilities to the client’s home and carried safely inside. No unloading and reloading.

NB! This is how we operate in Finland and Sweden. It’s advisable to review delivery matters with the supplier. The better matters have been reviewed in the design stage, the better the outcome.

Cardboard instead of plastic packaging

Sturdy, adaptable cardboard packaging provides excellent furniture protection and keeps the sliding parts in place during transport and transfer. Besides this, the transport packaging is clean and easy for the driver to move. It also makes life easier for the fitter, who can quickly open the packaging and easily recycle it. To speed up installation the doors are packed securely and separately from the and frames.

Puustelli furniture warranty

Puustelli products have a functional warranty of ten years and some product-specific mechanisms have warranties of as long as 30 years. In addition, work done by certified Puustelli kitchen fitters comes with a two-year factory warranty.

Products such as home appliances, etc. that we don’t make have warranty period stated by the manufacturer, which is at least 2 years under the Consumer Protection Act. Read the detailed warranty terms and conditions in our stores.


Very relevant

Environmental issues have crept unnoticed through the kitchen into Puustelli’s entire operations and have come to stay. These days, each of us at Puustelli also does eco-deeds, like power and water consumption, and waste sorting, in our own work environment. This may not sound like much but is very relevant all the same.

Personnel wellbeing – the basis of everything

ISO 45001 is a globally recognized system. This occupational health and safety assessment standard has been designed to help businesses create the best possible working conditions for their personnel. Puustelli wants to be happy, which is why we continuously address competence, sustainability and reliability.

The system promotes flexible workplace cooperation, information flow and communications. At the same time, it improves motivation, efficiency and wellbeing. Identifying risks and improving ways of working helps to the proactive prevention of accidents, sickness and health issues. The system also improves the awareness and safety of our personnel.