Idea Book

A kitchen is a major purchase and investment so it's worth taking your time to choose. Just get into a comfy position and immerse yourself in the Idea Book. Puustelli’s Idea Book features inspiring kitchen concepts and design help. The book will give you style ideas, but each Puustelli kitchen is individually measured and designed to your wishes.


Miinus Ecological Kitchen

The Miinus Ecological Kitchen brochure features inspiring ecological kitchen concepts and kitchen design tips. You’ll get inspiring ideas of different kitchen styles, but bear in mind that each Miinus kitchen is designed exactly to your wishes.


Care and maintenance instructions

When you comply with these care and maintenance instructions you ensure the warranty remains valid and the kitchen functions as it should for years to come. We recommend that you read the care, maintenance and use instructions carefully. You will then get the best out of your furniture and ensure they keep their functionality and value going forward.

Green Book Cover

Green Book

Every Puustelli product has been brought into the world responsibly since its inception. Almost all of Puustelli's products also belong to the M1 category, which is the best level in the indoor air classification. The furniture is clean, has no odor nuisance, does not cause irritation, and does not cause allergies. Clean indoor air is paramount to health.