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Ethical guidelines

We are committed to responsible and sustainable business in our operations. We adhere to and uphold the principles of human rights, rights at work, the environment and anti-corruption. This Code of Conduct sets the minimum standards for our everyday operations. We also expect our entire dealer network and all of our business partners to operate in compliance with similar principles.

Fair working conditions

We respect human rights in all our operations. We are committed to compliance with UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and to operating in accordance with International Labour Organization (ILO) policies. We respect the freedom of association of workers and do not accept any form of child labour, forced labour or discrimination. We are committed to promoting fair working conditions and are constantly working for a zero-accident and healthy work environment.

Compliance with laws

At Puustelli, we are committed to complying with the laws and regulations in all our operations. Key areas for our operations include laws applying to employee safety, equality and privacy, and regulations applying to anti-corruption and anti-corruption, as well as consumer protection, product safety and environmental protection requirements.

Fair competition

We support free and fair competition. We comply with antitrust legislation, which aims to protect the market from unfair business practices. Besides Puustelli, our partners and our customers benefit from fair competition.

Corruption and bribery

We are committed to acting honestly in all our business and we do not accept bribery or corruption in any form. We do not take or offer bribes to authorities or partners to favour Puustelli in decision-making. We consider it inappropriate to give or receive money or other similar benefit of value.

Conflicts of interest

All actions and decisions of every person at Puustelli must be justified from the business perspective and must support Puustelli's profitable growth. Employees must avoid situations where personal interests may conflict with Puustelli's interests, since the mere impression of a conflict of interest may harm our business.


In our work, we are responsible for the assets - such as sensitive information, machinery, raw materials, vehicles, computers and other similar assets - of Puustelli and our stakeholders. Confidential information also includes matters related to security, such as information related to information security and alarm systems. All employees must comply with the security instructions drawn up for Puustelli's staff and protect confidential information from loss, theft or misuse.

Privacy and personal data

We respect the privacy of our employees, customers and partners. We collect and use personal data only for legitimate business purposes in accordance with data protection laws and regulations. Our employees may not use confidential information belonging to Puustelli or to our business partners for personal gain or disclose it to third parties without permission.

Equal and fair treatment

All of us at Puustelli work in accordance with our personnel and equality policy. We do not accept any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying, but we respect and promote equal treatment regardless of a person’s national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, skin colour, ethnic background or any other personal characteristics. We treat all our customers fairly and equally.

Minimising environmental impact

We aim to minimise environmental impact throughout the product's lifecycle. We comply with legislation aimed at environmental protection and are at the forefront of developing an environmentally sound furniture industry. We focus on reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and strive for environmentally sustainable solutions in all our operations. We measure the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our operations and are aiming for carbon-neutral production by 2035.

Reporting violations

We all have a duty to act in accordance with Puustelli's ethical guidelines and it is our duty to let you know if we suspect that you have acted in violation of the guidelines. Any abuse, illegal or unethical activities found must be reported primarily to the employee's supervisor or through Puustelli's reporting channel. The reporting channel is intended for all Puustelli employees, business partners and customers. The information of a person reporting misconduct will remain confidential and we will not accept any harassment of any person who reports or assists in the investigation of possible misconduct.

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