Perfect kitchen

The materials and mechanisms in Puustelli furniture meet high quality criteria. A perfect kitchen of a high quality standard can only become a reality if everything in the kitchen, including home appliances, sink combinations and lights, are of top quality and are compatible with our furniture.

Our European partners are globally respected, responsible companies with whom we have been working for decades. We know each other. We’re among the first to hear about upcoming innovations. The high trust and appreciation towards each other is mutual.

Puustelli materials

We are known to be discerning in our choices of furniture materials, and we select them at the manufacturers themselves according to our own environmental and quality criteria. We know the origin of Puustelli materials and how and where they are made. The materials are supplied direct to our production facilities. We share the same environmental values and quality ambitions.

The materials selected are then tested at our production facilities in many ways. Besides stress tests, the durability of the surfaces and colors is tested using abrasion tests and various fluid stimuli. To find the right shade, we test the impact of various lights on surface treated colors. Only those materials that meet the requirements of our responsible lifecycle design are included in the Puustelli collection.

Puustelli mechanisms

We have also been working for decades with internationally acclaimed manufacturers of drawer units and mechanisms. We know each other and work straightforwardly together. We share the same values and quality ambitions. In both Puustelli collections, Original and Miinus, the furniture mechanisms and drawers are premium quality, which means that the mechanism functionality, durability and design is top of the line.