Pieni keittiö haastaa suunnittelijan

Small kitchens are a challenge for designers

Small kitchens are a challenge even for experienced kitchen designers, who aim to solve the lack of space in the most practical way possible. When designing a small kitchen it’s a good idea to especially think about the functions necessary for the functioning of the kitchen. There are solutions to make daily life easier in a small kitchen.

Skilfully designed, a small kitchen can be practical, look spaciousness and beautiful.

When designing a kitchen, it’s important to think about where everything will go. Small machines have their own place, tableware needs suitable storage space and dry ingredients need practical storage solutions. If there’s little counter space, it can be maximized by keeping it free of kitchen devices and other utensils. On the other hand, if there’s a dining table in or near the kitchen, it can also be used in food preparation if there is not enough workspace otherwise. If the kitchen has enough storage space, you can think whether it’s worth sacrificing a top drawer unit and concealing a mechanism there to allow a fold down counter.

Pieni keittiö haastaa suunnittelijan
If the kitchen has enough storage space, you can think whether it’s worth sacrificing a top drawer unit and concealing a mechanism there to allow a fold down counter.

Small kitchens are a challenge, particularly in town apartments. If the kitchen in your home is more of a kitchenette, you could consider whether the kitchen could be integrated into the living room. Could the kitchenette furniture be incorporated into the rest of the apartment interior design, extending the kitchen cabinets into the living room as part of the furniture? The cabinets don’t need to be as deep as on the kitchen side and could look more like part of the room furniture. Tableware could easily be stored in the living room. Why not make a nice coffee point with coffee-maker on the counter?

Pieni keittiö haastaa suunnittelijan

A small kitchen can be high, which means storage space can extend to the ceiling

The higher the cabinets, the higher kitchen steps you’ll need. Since this might mean a bit of effort to reach the top cabinets, it’s best not to store the most frequently used tableware and things there. It’s worth considering glass shelving in the top cabinets to help you see what and where everything is. A wall cabinet can also feature a mechanism to allow the shelf space to be lowered to within easier reach.

Pieni keittiö haastaa suunnittelijan

If there’s room in the kitchen, it’s worth thinking about drawer units instead of side-hinged base cabinets. This will allow easy use of the full cabinet depth. Goods and foods at the back of a shelf in a side-hinged cabinet can easily be forgotten about and are difficult to reach. Also narrow apothecary cabinets could work well in this type of space for storing herbs and spices, for example. If the full draw comes out, it’s easy to take what you need.

There also space-saving home appliances available

Could you manage with a 45-cm wide dishwasher rather than a normal 60 cm one? Do you need a separate oven and microwave or could you solve the solution with a combination oven microwave? Refrigeration equipment comes in different sizes, which is worth considering when thinking about cold storage space.

Even though designing a small kitchen may still seem challenging after all these thoughts, there are solutions that make everyday life easier in a small kitchen. Start design by, for example, making a list of the things you definitely need in your kitchen and intend to keep. Once you have a list, it’s easier to approach a kitchen designer.

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