Natural Steps sustainable development programme helps us to guide our projects towards more sustainable furniture production. The programme is an integral part of the implementation of our company’s strategy and an essential element of everyday management. As a forerunner we want to increase the environmental awareness of our customers and to bring to market the most ecological material alternatives. The Natural Steps Programme has defined the responsibility goals and measures for all our areas, the most important of which are responsible sourcing, product development promoting the circular economy and carbon-neutral production. The goals are tied to five UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have calculated the environmental impacts of our operations all the way back to the source of the products. Our ambition is for completely carbon-neutral production by 2035. Our in-house responsibility working group defines the targets and assesses the effectiveness of our measures on a monthly basis Most of the environmental impacts originate in the manufacture of the materials we buy. Our longstanding, robust supplier relationships facilitate cooperation in developing a more sustainable furniture industry.


Puustelli quality has been trusted for decades. The sustainability of our products is the cornerstone of our responsibility. During the past year, as many as 70% of our consumer customers chose Puustelli based on recommendation or earlier experience. Each year our promoter NPS for the kitchen after a year’s use has risen to higher than what it was when the kitchen was bought. During the past year, our consumer customers considered the functionality of Puustelli products and kitchens to be at a very good level (NPS > 70) after a year’s use. The promoter index for Puustelli as a whole reached a level of 66 for consumer customers. Our ambition is for the whole of Puustelli to reach an NPS of 70 by the end of the year. We monitor customer satisfaction with the continuous and accurate NPS metric so that we can immediately focus development measures on exactly the right things.

“The Natural Steps programme is a concrete step towards carbon-neutral production facilities. Good indicators to monitor emissions more accurately are needed to reach the end results. It is important to establish the direct and indirect emissions and to calculate the carbon footprint for the company’s entire operations” says Puustelli Group Oy’s CEO Jussi Aine.

Puustelli’s production facilities are in Harjavalta, Finland. The company employs 379 people, with 250 of them working in production.

The Finnish family enterprise Puustelli Group Oy is part of the century-old Harjavalta Group, which also includes Kastelli Group Oy and Lapti Group Oy.