Design from Harjavalta

Product development

Responsible lifecycle design is the heart of designing a Puustelli product. From the product idea onwards, responsibility commits us to weighing up the necessity of the product and how it is made. Short sighted solutions are not taken forward.

Product development

Puustelli’s product development team comprises more than a dozen professional, dynamic people, who have no shortage of ideas or enthusiasm. The unlimited opportunities provided by our TailorMade measuring service and our extensive choice of materials with different surface treatments provides unlimited tools on a tray.

Carefully chosen, individually selected materials for each product will progress from design table onwards once the material meets each quality criterion set.

Puustelli furniture - the safe choice

Product manufacturing methods are at least as important for the durability, safety and cleanness of the product as the choice of material itself. At Puustelli, a strong input in product development, modern technology and the continuous honing of manufacturing methods ensure Puustelli products are durable, finished and safe for users.

Puustelli uses no substances containing heavy metals and nor do these arise during the manufacturing process. The glues used in production, which are needed when making doors, frames and kitchen counters, contain no added formaldehyde. No glue is needed at all with laser banded doors and kitchen counters.

Wood from certified forests

Forests are the lungs of the world and also a source of income for a billion people. Illegal logging causes concern and disrupts the entire ecosystem. The wood we use at Puustelli is sourced from PEFC and FSC forests. Certification is an assurance that the origin of the wood can be traced and that the forest is well managed and properly replanted.