Puustelli myymälät

Puustelli – the best part of home

Our non-toxic production process ensures Puustelli products are safe to make, safe to use and at the end of their lifecycle the furniture or parts of it can be re-used, recycled or safely disposed of by burning. Each Puustelli is custom made to order. Puustelli has no large-scale series production.

Puustelli stores

Puustelli stores are not just any shop but stores specialized in the furniture sector that can offer their clients the best in the nation as well as a highly knowledgeable and professional total service from design to installation. You don’t need to be an expert. We are.

Puustelli entrepreneurs

Franchising provides a very modern flexible way for working together. The benefits of Puustelli’s exceptionally broad ISO 9001 quality management system certification extend to Puustelli’s stores, which also include Puustelli installation centers and their operations. Product and service quality natural benefits our clients through our trained and expert salespeople, with their top-of-the-line tools. Puustelli store staff also work closely with the people at our production facilities. Cooperation is close and very family-like.

Puustelli’s exceptionally broad ISO 9001 quality management system certification extends to entire store operations and Puustelli installations. Puustelli means quality in this respect, too.

The design and layout of Puustelli stores reflect the handprint of the Finnish dSign design office, which has reaped wide international acclaim.

Puustelli salespeople

Kitchens today contain innovative materials and a lot of home technology. A skilled kitchen designer needs to manage many larger things related to remodeling. Flexible progress requires a designer to manage many smaller things in addition to functional and ergonomic kitchen design and a knowledge of materials. When making choices, the history of the building may be very relevant.

A kitchen professional needs to know the law and regulations applying to renovation and be aware of any changes to them the whole time. There are also permit matters and notification obligations to be remembered. Managing the whole journey from the first meeting to the ready kitchen requires extensive expertise.

Continuous professional development is one of Puustelli’s cornerstones, which is why each Puustelli salesperson is a highly trained remodeling expert. Systematic two-year training has given each Puustelli employee added certainty in their own work. The trainers are professionals who are well versed in the construction industry and kitchen design as well as top international interior design experts. Certificates were awarded for the qualification. Puustelli professionals work with remodeling every day.

Huipputyökalut käytössä

Top-of-the-line tools in use

The design program of Puustelli stores has been directly integrated into the database of our production facilities. The latest new products and materials are updated in our system and at the same time in our store design program 3-4 times a year, sometimes more often. This means Puustelli clients are at an immediate advantage and can incorporate the newest European impulses into their kitchens. No other stores can offer anything similar.