Environmental issues have crept unnoticed into the whole home through the Puustelli kitchen and have come to stay. Besides spotless production, each of us at Puustelli also does eco-deeds, large and small, for example in power and water consumption, and waste sorting in our own work environment.

We use certified wood

Forests are the lungs of the world and also a source of income for a billion people. Illegal logging causes concern and disrupts the entire ecosystem. Only wood from PEFC and FSC forests ends up at Puustelli. Certification is an assurance that the origin of the wood can be traced and that the forest is well managed and properly replanted. Puustelli makes all wood products in its collection at its own production facilities in Harjavalta.

Power from renewable energy sources

Puustelli has made gradual improvements in its own operations to produce more ecological electricity. Some of the electricity used by Puustelli is carbon-dioxide-free electricity generated by our own solar power plant. All the energy bought in is emission-free hydropower. Measures aimed at reducing power consumption have been implemented at the desk, in conjunction with new buildings and in machine procurements. Small changes, such as changes in lighting, are also important. Over the past few years, we have managed to reduce power consumption by as much as 10% despite growth. Besides new energy-efficient production lines, our excellent maintenance team also ensures the long useful life of our old machines.

We pack in cardboard

Some years ago, Puustelli switched from using plastic packaging to the use of corrugated cardboard packaging. Sturdy, adaptable cardboard packaging provides excellent furniture protection and keeps the sliding parts in place during transport and transfer. It is also a more ecological choice than plastic packaging!


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