Kitchen installed – Puustelli’s total service

Kitchen remodeling comprises many different parts and work stages. Kitchen furniture installation is an important work stage for the whole, but by no means the only one. More than half of Puustelli’s clients buy their kitchen not just ready installed but also totally remodeled.

1 Coordination and scheduling

Under the installation agreement, Puustelli takes responsibility for the entire kitchen remodeling. The first stage includes drawing up project design and scheduling. All remodeling work, including supplies and groundwork, HVAC and electrical work and furniture installation are done by Puustelli or authorized Puustelli partners.

Under the installation agreement, Puustelli takes responsibility for the entire kitchen remodeling – you’re released from the job of site foreman

This is how we guarantee that your kitchen remodeling will be ready at exactly the agreed time without disruptions to work. We thus release you from the job of site foreman.

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2 Protection, dismantling and recycling

We start kitchen remodeling by protecting your home before dismantling the old kitchen.

We carefully protect your home to ensure that the remodeling does not damage or inconvenience the surfaces of your home and that part of your home remains as clean as possible throughout the remodeling project. Fitters also know the latest tricks for dust-free installation to ensure life continues as smoothly as possible during remodeling.

Once we’ve dismantled your old kitchen, we will take care of waste removal and correct recycling. In recycling, we achieve ambitious environmental goals applying to your entire old kitchen: furniture, home appliances and auxiliary products. We also remove all packaging and building waste and recycle them as appropriate.

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3 HVAC, electrical work and groundwork

Kitchen remodeling almost invariably includes plumbing and electrical work. Every local Puustelli store has authorized partners to take timely care of HVAC and electrical work properly and professionally.



After dismantling the kitchen, all the necessary groundwork agreed in advance is done to the new kitchen surfaces; ceiling, floor and walls.

Once the groundwork has been done, installation work can begin on the new surfaces. Puustelli can provide you with all the interior design work needed for the remodeling together with quality surface and interior furnishings easily under the same agreement.

4 Kitchen furniture installation

Kitchen remodeling and the installation of kitchen furniture is not just any renovation work; you need to be able to handle materials and carry out the work to give an esthetic and neat result.

These days many special furniture, mechanisms and electrified parts to ease everyday working are hidden behind kitchen doors. The installation of kitchen furniture is a special skill which requires not just competence but also the right tools. 

Puustelli’s ISO 9001 quality management standard guarantees that dismantling the old kitchen, renovating the space and installing the new functional kitchen go smoothly to the agreed schedule and cost estimate.

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Kitchen furniture is visible daily. This is why besides furniture manufacture, the finishing touch to installation work is also very important. Puustelli’s professional installation service brings security to the work. Puustelli Group Oy’s installation work comes with a two-year warranty.

The finishing touch and neat installation are always the icing on the kitchen remodeling cake and ensure that the end-result will please the eye for years to come.

A Puustelli fitter will hand your kitchen over to you and guide you in the use and care of your new kitchen. You can then enjoy your new kitchen with peace of mind.