Puhtaasti M1-luokassa

Clean indoor air – important for health

Puustelli has the widest choice of materials and products in the furniture industry and new materials and products to be tested are added the whole time. Indoor air has 3 classifications. RTS has classified our products, almost all of which have the best M1 indoor air quality rating.


Emissions are tested by a chamber test to determine the volatile compounds in the product and their concentrations: VOC / TVOC, ammonia and formaldehyde. In addition, for the M1 classification, a sensory evaluation is carried out to ensure that the product does not emit odors that irritate the respiratory tract into the indoor air.

It is possible to choose M1 options when selecting surface materials as well as their fastening and surface treatment agents to be used in conjunction with Puustelli installation.

Harjavalta quality is already a concept.

Puustelli quality consists of lasting, clean materials as well as environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. Our non-toxic production process ensures that Puustelli furniture is safe to use and that it can also be safely disposed of at the end of its lifecycle.

Puustelli is Finland’s biggest manufacturer of kitchen furnitures and Puustelli Finland’s most purchased* kitchen brand since 1983. This is probably no coincidence. We offer our clients the nation’s best products and service. * Building Information Foundation RTS: Own homebuilding surveys 1983-2021.