Keittiön allas, hana ja jätelajittelu

Kitchen sink, faucet and waste sorting

The kitchen sink, faucet and waste sorting combined are the most important functions in a kitchen. This requires durable furniture, various ready solutions for sorting and flexible dimensioning for different kitchen concepts. A successful combination makes many daily kitchen activities easier.

Kitchen sink and faucet

Puustelli kitchen furniture comes with sink and faucet combinations based on the design. An integrated dishwasher connection in the kitchen faucet is handy since there’s no need to install a separate control knob. A deep sink with a high faucet allow for larger items of tableware to be hand washed.

Sink cabinets and drawer units

Puustelli has developed several alternative sink cabinet and drawer unit solutions. Installation is fast since water and wastewater piping and connectors fit neatly inside the cabinet without having to work on the furniture on site. The piping is also easily accessible later if the need arises. There’s a drip tray under the sink cupboards in the event of any water seepage whether the dishwasher is integrated or not. The drip tray is combined if the sink and dishwasher are next to each other. A water detector available as an optional extra sounds an audible alarm if for some reason there’s a bigger leak.

Waste sorting

Waste sorting in a Puustelli kitchen is easy regardless of kitchen size. Sorting biowaste and general waste is a natural part of working in a kitchen. An adequate number of suitably sized sorting drawer units and the sorting containers designated for them make sorting routine. There are cabinets and drawer units with mechanisms in widths ranging from 200 mm to 1200 m for sorting. It’s advisable to reserve enough storage space for kitchen utensils and remember not all sorting and storage needs to be in the kitchen. Practicality comes first.

We have these brands in our Finnish and Swedish selections.

Kitchen appliances and lighting
Keittiön kodinkoneet
Kitchen appliances

Besides Puustelli furniture, all the home appliances required by the client are on the design table. The place of refrigeration equipment and cooking area are important for kitchen functionality. There’s a precision-designed piece of furniture for each integrated home appliance.

Keittiön valaistus
Kitchen lighting

At Puustelli, total design also includes lighting. General lighting and lighting of a uniform worktop area are part of function and safety in any kitchen. You can say goodbye to extension leads when design factors in the number of sockets you want.