Responsible products

The quality of long-lasting Puustelli furniture is based on durable, non-toxic materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. We are known to be discerning in our choices of furniture materials, which is why we select them at the manufacturers themselves according to our own environmental and quality criteria. Our non-toxic production process ensures that Puustelli products are safe to make, safe to use and do not cause indoor air problems. At the end of their lifecycle, the products can also be safely disposed of. 

Furniture production

Only those materials that meet the requirements of our responsible lifecycle design are included in the Puustelli collection. Cooperation with our esteemed material suppliers is confidential and has lasted for decades. We treat the wood surfaces of Puustelli furniture with gentle oil or water-based finishing agents, which because of their durability and non-toxicity, are suitable for toddlers’ toys. We use no glues that contain added formaldehyde in production process and no glue is needed at all when laser banding doors and kitchen counters. Puustelli’s entire production process is non-toxic. We use no substances containing heavy metals and nor do these arise at all during the production process. 

Clean indoor air

Clean indoor air in the home starts with the structures. When remodeling a home, it’s important to consider the type of surface materials for the rooms. Already each of the more than 90% of Puustelli products tested belongs to the best indoor air quality M1 rating. The M1 rating indicates the cleanness of the product and that it does not cause irritations or odor nuisances. However, clean material is not enough to guarantee clean indoor air and it is also important to take into account the fixatives and surface treatment agents used in installation. The glues we use in production contain no added formaldehyde and we need no glue at all for laser banded products.


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