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Manufacture of Puustelli furniture

Matters related to the health, safety and ecology of Puustelli products are the core values of our operations, which include Puustelli quality in just the same way as sustainability.

Manufacture of Puustelli furniture

Puustelli makes doors from solid wood and wood veneer and gives them a surface treatment with natural oil or water-borne stains, lacquers and paints which, because of their durability and non-toxicity, are suitable for toddlers’ toys. In addition, our lacquered and stained doors are given a UV treatment, which reduces changes in color caused by natural light.

Other door materials are made at our production facilities from ready-made materials custom measured and with the required color band. Laser banding is an alternative to glue banding. We use laser technology to band UV lacquered MDF doors. Drilling in doors for handles is done if required.

The frame materials are melamine- or veneer-surfaced chipboard with different materials and shades. Both sides of the frame are in the same material and color. The frames are always banded and throughout, including shelves. The holes in the frames are for an exact purpose and the sides are tidy. There are no unnecessary holes or mounting fittings.

We make all individual wood products ourselves, which is why measurements can be so flexible. We can create a harmonious look since we use the same species of wood and colors as in our kitchen furniture.

We oil or lacquer our solid wood kitchen counters non-toxically and we also color our wood block kitchen counters. We do all the necessary machining of wood kitchen counters and protect the cut-outs from moisture.

Puustelli uses no glues that contain added formaldehyde in production. Nor do we use substances containing heavy metals and nor do these arise during the manufacturing process. We band frames and loose sides throughout.

Hard, heavy kitchen counter materials such as granite, quartz and ceramic are machined by their supplier in accordance with the design drawing. When the order is placed, the data is transferred automatically from the Puustelli store to the data system at our production facilities to await the start of production for the right delivery week and is passed on to kitchen counter manufacturers. Kitchen counters are machined according to the images and the sinks, hobs, etc. are fitted where it is necessary to fit them beforehand. A smart program minimizes the risk of human error.

Laser banding of laminate kitchen counters is optional. The counters are ready machined, cut-outs made and moisture protected at our production facilities. The agreed products are ready fitted to the kitchen counters.

Smart data system

Only Puustelli uses an exceptional data system that we have been involved in developing as our own tool over twenty years under the guidance of our skilful partner. There is no comprehensive design, order and delivery system elsewhere for such an extensive product collection.

The design program of Puustelli stores has been directly integrated into the database of our production facilities. The latest new products and materials are updated in our system and at the same time in our store design program 3-4 times a year, sometimes more often. This means Puustelli clients are at an immediate advantage and can incorporate the newest European impulses into their kitchens. Our TailorMade measuring service enables novelties in every home.

A trial order and delivery of novelties is done to test addresses. We track the movement of each product part from the store’s test plan and order to ready delivery. This allows us to ensure the safe, flawless delivery of the new product since we can detect any potential faults in time before actual production.