Keittiön hinta – mistä se muodostuu?

Kitchen price – how is it formed?

A kitchen is one of the largest, most important home investments and so it pays to get it right. A good investment is recouped many times in everyday usability and functionality. It’s also worth remembering that kitchen remodeling adds to the value of your home and is an investment in your future.

The price of a new kitchen makes many people think. A kitchen is unusual in the sense that you buy one only once in a lifetime. This makes it hard for the client to estimate the price in advance. It’s important to understand what kitchen remodeling involves and the various parts that form it. The price of the kitchen and extent of the remodeling begin to take shape once you think about each part and list the work stages required and how much you can do yourself and what you buy from the supplier.

”A new kitchen – at last! A long-term dream now became a reality. It was now possible financially and I persuaded my husband”
Puustelli client, Tampere, Finland.

Well designed is carefully calculated

Kitchen design is the job of an expert, who always works closely with the client. A good kitchen designer is at best an expert – not just in furniture but also in calculating the price of a new kitchen. A kitchen designer listens to client needs, visits the kitchen to be remodeled, can make suggestions and ideate and take into account the client’s total budget. Good design is created from the client’s preferences and the possibilities allowed by the kitchen space taking into account the client’s budget.

“I really liked that the designer came to my home to measure, design and make suggestions with no commitment. Puustelli had friendly service and one contact person throughout the journey.”
Puustelli kitchen remodeling customer, Jyväskylä, Finland.


Kitchen remodeling is formed of these parts:

1. Dismantling and recycling the old

The old existing kitchen – or parts of it – are dismantled and taken for recycling. It’s worth remembering that even minor cabinet changes or replacing a kitchen counter can also mean work is needed in the intermediate space or floor. A professional kitchen designer can take all work caused by changes in the design so that there are no surprises for the client.

2. Groundwork and surface work

After dismantling the kitchen, all the necessary groundwork agreed in advance is done to the new kitchen surfaces; ceiling floor and walls.

Once the groundwork has been done, installation work can begin on the new surfaces. Puustelli can provide you with all the interior design work needed for the remodeling together with quality surface and interior furnishings easily under the same agreement.

Mistä keittiön hinta muodostuu?

3. Kitchen furniture and home appliances

One of the nicest phases in buying a new kitchen is to choose the actual kitchen furniture, kitchen counters, faucets, sinks and all other auxiliary products. Besides the actual kitchen furniture, home appliances also greatly impact the price of a new kitchen. An expert kitchen designer is a great help when starting to search for just the right products for the client from the enormous choice kitchen furniture and home appliances available.

4. Kitchen installation work

A kitchen designer’s expertise also includes knowing and being able to calculate all the remodeling work stages, materials and accessories into the price of the kitchen. With installation work in a new kitchen, it’s a good idea to remember that installing kitchen furniture is best left to the experts. It’s worth investing in a good, skilled fitter to ensure the best possible work finish and end result. A kitchen designer can calculate exactly how long the remodeling will take as well as the price of the actual installation and remodeling work.

5. Plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning work

You should remember to add in any plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning work to the price of the new kitchen. An experienced kitchen designer can also provide an exact price for this work, too.

6. Intermediate space surface and finishing work

Kitchen installation work also includes intermediate space surface and finishing work. If you are planning remodeling for the first time, it pays to have the finishing work done by a professional. Careful tiling, seam and silicon work, and moldings add the finishing touch to the kitchen’s look.