Less is more.

Puustelli spent no less than four years on development work to create an ecological kitchen. The key ambition was to reduce the carbon footprint in furniture manufacture, taking into account the entire lifecycle of the furniture.

Thirst for knowledge

We embarked on our interesting journey of discovery back in 2008 and assumed that information would be readily available. It didn’t turn out that way. Not only were the facts and calculations we needed unavailable, they didn’t even exist. Never before had such a thorough study of furniture been undertaken. We needed top experts in many different fields of research to join us. Experts in highly complex, long-term carbon footprint calculations and 3D modeling.

The production of prototypes based on our research findings during the various steps of development became a separate form of art. These progressed to various testing phases time and again. Whereas a considerably more ecological alternative was found for some of the materials, nothing of the existing frame materials was suitable.

As the journey of discovery progressed

As work progressed on the carbon footprint calculations, it became clear that alternatives were needed to replace very familiar basic materials like MDF and chipboard as well as melamine and laminate surfaces. The kitchen needed to be re-invented since these materials are widely used in kitchens.

A complete furniture system was born

Our perseverance was rewarded in 2013, when a complete Puustelli furniture system was born and put into production. The most important component is the bioframe parts made of biocomposite by injection molding. The invention is the most important innovation in the furniture industry for decades and was patented in 2018.

Miinus storu nosto 880x448
Miinus story

There is one and only one kitchen brand that, based on thorough research and carbon footprint calculations, can be called an ecological kitchen. This kitchen has been developed in Finland and is the Puustelli Miinus kitchen. For ecological reasons, widely-used furniture materials have been removed or minused.

Miinus periaatteen keittiö
Kitchen of principle

The Miinus is a kitchen of ecological principle that remains at the heart of its values: durability, modifiability, non-toxicity, easy-care, re-use and recyclability of materials. Traditionally used furniture boards have been completely eliminated from a Miinus kitchen and replaced by more ecological alternatives.

Puhtaasti paras 694x403
Simply the best

The Miinus kitchen is the perfected outcome of sustainable development and is based on completely different starting points and values than its counterparts. The ambition was to create the most ecological and carbon neutral, sustainable kitchen covering the entire lifecycle of the furniture.

Natural steps nosto
Natural Steps

In 2020, we added a set-off part to our original Puustelli 2013 Natural Steps program. We offset the carbon footprint arising in the furniture manufacture of each Puustelli kitchen through concrete action by various environmental actors.

Miinus Patentoitu ja sertifioitu nosto
Patented & Certified

The entire innovative Puustelli Miinus kitchen furniture system, including details, has been been patented. The furniture parts, in particular the cabinet frame structures, feature a number of patented details. The holes to join the frames and to mount the hinges, mechanisms and drawer rails have been ready made in conjunction with injection molding. The Miinus furniture system is the most innovative invention in the global furniture industry for decades.

Miinus Made in Harjavalta
Made in Harjavalta

Puustelli has been Finland’s largest kitchen manufacturer and best-selling kitchen brand since back in 1983. This is probably no coincidence. Miinus kitchens are made at the same Puustelli production facilities in Harjavalta as all other Puustelli furniture. We make the most ecological material alternatives available to everyone thinking about buying a kitchen as well as the latest innovations to make household chores easier.

Ecological kitchen brochure

The Miinus Ecological Kitchen brochure features inspiring ecological kitchen concepts and kitchen design tips. You’ll get inspiring ideas of different kitchen styles, but bear in mind that each Miinus kitchen is designed exactly to your wishes.

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