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White and light island kitchen

Kitchen furniture price

8 140 €

An island kitchen has a lot of food preparation space. The whole family or friends can gather round the island to enjoy what the kitchen has to offer. An island can also include fabulous storage space, when drawers are placed on one side.

The kitchen furniture price includes:

  • Furniture, handles, kitchen counters, plinths and adjustable legs
  • Doors and frames fitted with easily adjustable hinges, as well as a silencer that closes the door silently
  • The frames are banded to prevent moisture from getting under the surface
  • Fully-opening drawers, which also feature a silencer to slow movement
  • Transport and insurance costs (Finland and Sweden only)
  • Carrying the furniture indoors (Finland and Sweden only)

Materials used in the kitchen:

The price of the example kitchen furniture excludes:

  • Any special mechanisms
  • Lighting and intermediate space materials, including fittings
  • Home appliances, sink and faucet

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