Suunnittelukäynti – keittiösuunnittelija kotiin

Design visit – kitchen designer visits your home

Design of a new kitchen always starts with a joint design meeting of the client and vendor. At Puustelli, the first design visit is almost invariably with the designer visiting the client’s home. When design of the new kitchen starts where the remodeling is to happen, styles and functions can be discussed in a completely different way than in in-store meetings.

Why does the designer visit the client’s home?

The whole family is often involved in buying a new kitchen. During the very first design visit to the client’s home, all the family members who want to influence the end-result should be present. Talking with different family members gives the kitchen designer valuable information about what wishes the new kitchen needs to be meet and how the family is used to working in the kitchen. As a client, it’s up to you to say what you like and what you don’t. Be bold and ask about things that bother you

Client wishes and needs form the basis of kitchen design

A design visit starts by looking at what works in the existing kitchen. As a client, you can tell the kitchen designer what is especially good and works in your existing kitchen and, of course, what improvements you would like to see in your new kitchen.

Keittiösuunnittelija kotiin, suunnittelukäynti

Seeing and measuring the remodeling space helps in design

A kitchen designer’s visit to your home is nothing to be afraid of; they won’t criticize your existing kitchen. A design visit to the home is particularly important for the end-result. A professional quickly sees the potential the space offers and any limitations.

Puustelli kitchen designers take responsibility for measurement.

Kitchen designers measure the space to be remodeled on the very first design visit. They examine the location of the doors, windows and any casings. Besides actual furniture measurements, they also map many technical details such as the location of electrical and water points, air conditioning and load-bearing wall structures. The more thoroughly the space to be remodeled is measured, the better the kitchen designer is able to draw up a feasible plan for the new kitchen and remodeling work required. Puustelli kitchen designers take responsibility for measurement. They are thus responsible for ensuring that all the kitchen furniture, counters, home appliances and auxiliary products are suitable for the places intended.

Keittiösuunnittelija kotiin, suunnittelukäynti, kuvituskuva

Planning remodeling work

Talks about the remodeling work needed are also an important part of designing a new kitchen. It pays to consider beforehand whether you are a keen, skilled do-it-yourself person or whether you would prefer the new kitchen to be on a turnkey basis with a warranty. This means Puustelli is responsible for everything, scheduling and implementation. Once the scope of the remodeling has been decided, the kitchen designer can calculate the exact price of the work ordered.

Personal service is a large part of a successful end-result

No two kitchens are remodeled in the same way and personal service is a large part of a successful end-result. It’s worth reserving plenty of time, usually up to 2-3 hours, for the first design visit. When there’s plenty of time, it’s possible to map all the essentials and thus also start making a kitchen plan together with the designer listening to your wishes. This provides the best starting point for a total kitchen plan.

Keittiösuunnittelija kotiin, suunnittelukäynti, kuvituskuva

A new kitchen is unusual in the sense that the client might buy only once in a lifetime. A design visit to the client’s home is particularly important and guarantees a successful end-result. A design visit is free of charge.

Based on the joint discussions, the kitchen designer draws visual 3-D images, which show what the new kitchen will look like and allow the client to ensure that the end-result is according to wishes.

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