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How much does kitchen remodeling cost?

When talking about kitchen remodeling, the conversation quite quickly turns to how much it costs. These days, price is used in marketing in a big way. Clients are given to understand that you can get a new kitchen for just €1,000. The promise sounds good and it’s tempting to go for it. However, it’s a good idea to pause for a moment to see what the price actually includes and what you’re actually buying.

Kitchen remodeling price €4,000-€7,000 – kitchen furniture update

If you want to completely replace your existing kitchen furniture and counters, replace an individual home appliance and update the sink or a faucet, kitchen remodeling generally costs €4,000 - €7,000. As far as furniture delivery is concerned, it pays to find out whether the furniture frames are ready assembled and what mechanisms and, for example, drawer runners are ready installed. These assurances also often serve as indicators of quality when choosing a furniture supplier.

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Kitchen remodeling price €7,000-€14,000 – replacement of kitchen furniture, home appliances, sink, faucet and intermediate space

On a budget of €7,000 - €14,000 you can buy furniture, home appliances, the sink, faucet and intermediate space as well as the work. The client will still have to dismantle the old kitchen but if the budget allows, it’s worth buying at least the furniture installation from the furniture supplier. Furniture installation is often underestimated, even though it is the careful work of a professional. Kitchen fitters complete the relevant training, receive certificates and are qualified to install just those products. Furniture installation is meticulous work, which it is worth hiring a professional to do.

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Kitchen remodeling price more than €14,000 – total kitchen makeover

When the client’s budget is more than €14,000, we usually talk of a total kitchen makeover. The budget can include new furniture, kitchen counters, home appliances and auxiliary products as well as dismantling and removal work, leveling and tiling of the intermediate space, moldings and the removal and recycling of remodeling and packaging waste.

Did you know that around half of all kitchen remodelings are total kitchen makeovers?

Furniture suppliers are required to have special competences in total kitchen makeovers. Scheduling different work stages, dismantling work, removal, recycling and waste transportation, interior design work, furniture installation, HVAC and electrical work and finishing work all require professional skills. When buying a total kitchen makeover, it pays to make sure you don’t buy the service from the wrong place. The signs of a reliable partner are a company that provides a warranty for its work, is happy to show remodeling projects and knows in advance just who will be doing the client’s remodeling.

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Kitchen remodeling price more than €20,000 – luxury kitchen

A budget of more than €20,000 includes all the materials and work stages mentioned above as well as new floor and ceiling materials, any wall demolition work, wallpapering and even heating and air conditioning work. There’s no shortage of furniture and home appliances to choose from.

A knowledgeable salesperson is the best person to calculate how much your kitchen remodeling would cost.