We invest in the development of management skills and the individual competence of employees. Each person in our organization has the right and duty to know what is expected of him or her. We improve our work environment and ways of working to ensure the motivation and wellbeing of our people and a safe workplace for them.

Equality through cooperation

Each of our employees plays an important role in reaching our common goals. We value equality and do not accept any form of discrimination in our work community. We meet regularly with our employees to discuss issues related to equal employment and pay. Co-determination seeks to ensure fair and transparent activities across Puustelli. In 2020, women accounted for 39% of our employees and men for 61%.

We encourage learning

Our production plant supervisors act as coaches, with whom we develop a management and work culture for an increasingly smoother functioning everyday life. All employees at Puustelli have equal opportunities to succeed and develop in their own job regardless of their age or position. Learning can mean learning entirely new work concepts or developing existing ways of working from a new angle. People have long careers with us since more than 30% of our employees have worked at Puustelli for more than 15 years already.

Safety and wellbeing

Every Puustelli employee has the right to safe working conditions. We encourage employees to act proactively, and we record safety observations to prevent injuries and work-related diseases. Our production facilities have a 5S system which helps us to maintain and oversee the safety, tidiness and ergonomics of our workstations. We regularly train our employees in first aid and safety. We want to support the wellbeing of our employees also outside the working day by providing various recreational opportunities, events and benefits relating to exercise and recreation.

Employees have a chance to influence

Our employees’ desire to strive for better things through small everyday deeds is reflected in hundreds of development suggestions that our employees propose and action. We spend thousands of euros each year on rewards for work and safety improvements. Each of us has a chance to influence how everyday life takes shape in the workplace.

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