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Kitchens by shape

Kitchens transformed years ago from a humdrum area into the pride of place in the home. Everyday kitchen activities were also transformed and cooking became an essential part. Functionality and safety mean ergonomics and free access between the stove, sink and cold storage are still as important.

Kitchen work triangles

Puustelli kitchen designers are professionals and ensure maximum functionality. They write down each wish at the first meeting. At the latest when considering ergonomics, it’s a good idea for the head cook to make an appearance. Discussing as many things as possible together enables a successful outcome. Wherever the kitchen is in the home, the important thing is to ensure that it’s a safe and pleasant place to make food and spend time. We can create such a place for you.

Good place to be

When remodeling or building a new kitchen, it’s a good idea to remember the kitchen’s #1 function – food preparation. Practicality, ergonomics and kitchen functions are needed just as they are so far. Food preparation area and working space is required in food preparation. Enough drawer units and storage space for tableware, utensils and food supplies are also needed. Since waste also occurs, sorting containers also need to be accessible. Energy efficiency is the most important criterion in choosing home appliances.

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