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Kitchen price

People dreaming of a new kitchen consider price, which is basically the sum of the parts. With full remodeling, these aspects impact price the most: kitchen furniture, home appliances, ancillary products - sink, faucet, lighting and sockets - and furniture installation, remodeling and HEVAC work.

Kitchen furniture usually accounts for the biggest overall cost.

Many customers compare the kitchen prices quoted by various companies on their websites. However, it’s always a good idea to pause and look at what the price includes.

The Puustelli furniture prices of the example kitchens below include: 

  • Furniture, handles, kitchen counters, plinths and adjustable legs
  • Doors and frames fitted with easily adjustable hinges, as well as a silencer that closes the door silently
  • The frames are banded to prevent moisture from getting under the surface
  • Fully-opening drawers, which also feature a silencer to slow movement
  • Transport and insurance costs (Finland and Sweden only)
  • Carrying the furniture indoors (Finland and Sweden only)
Price examples for kitchen furniture

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Many factors, especially kitchen shape, size and choice of material, affect the price of kitchen furniture

Kitchen size and shape

Kitchen size and shape greatly affect the cost of kitchen furniture. Many apartments and row houses have a galley kitchen, where the furniture is along two straight walls. A galley kitchen is slightly more affordable to furnish than an L-shaped kitchen, where mechanisms improving ergonomics and convenience are required in the corner cabinet.

In a U-shaped kitchen, the furniture is along three adjacent walls and there are two corners to be used. There is usually more meters of furniture in a U-shaped kitchen than in an L-shaped one and if mechanisms are added to both corner cabinets, the kitchen furniture costs a bit more than in an L-shaped kitchen. There are also shelf and carousel solutions available for corner cabinets and this can slightly lower the kitchen furniture cost.

These days, island kitchens are particularly popular, especially in new homes. In an island kitchen, one all can be a so-called closet wall, with many functions placed in the island. Island kitchens are often large in size and incorporate a lot of furniture and mechanisms, which is why island kitchens generally cost more than other shapes of kitchen.

The materials chosen also greatly impact the price of kitchen furniture.

At Puustelli, we can offer you a choice of hundreds of different furniture doors, all of which we make at our own production facilities in Harjavalta, Finland. Where cost efficiency is sought when buying a new kitchen, the usual choice is melamine doors. Wooden doors are Finnish handicraft and involve dozens of different work stages. This makes it only natural for wooden doors to cost more than other types of doors.

Warranty period and raw material quality

When comparing kitchen furniture, it’s also worthwhile looking at the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Puustelli furniture is made to withstand time and wear. Puustelli products have a functional warranty of ten years and some product-specific mechanisms have warranties of as long as 30 years.

No less than 85% of Puustelli products are of Finnish origin. This means we know exactly what Puustelli materials are and how these best, clean materials are used to make safe, clean and sustainable Puustelli products that have the best M1 indoor air rating.

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