Sustainable supply chain

For us, responsibility means transparent and sustainable business from the origins of our products all the way to the client. A lifecycle approach and circular economy, taking care of our employees and stakeholders, and ensuring diversity in our environment are at the core of our sustainable operations. We enable our clients to make responsible choices when buying our products.

Responsible supply chain
Product design

We design products to withstand the tests of time. From the product idea onwards, we weigh up the necessity of the product, the most eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient manufacturing methods.

Responsible materials

Our partnerships with our esteemed material suppliers are confidential and have lasted for decades. We share the same environmental values and quality ambitions. We ensure responsible manufacturing methods through annual supplier evaluations, and we also require our suppliers to commit to complying with our Code of Conduct.

Energy-efficient manufacturing

Certified quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems help us to manage and continuously improve our operations also on the responsibility front. Our production facilities run on 100% renewable energy. We continuously invest in new more ecological solutions such as e-forklift trucks and more energy-efficient production lines.

Expert salespersons

Our knowledgeable and trained sales team designs kitchen solutions that withstand the tests of time for client needs today and tomorrow. We are able to guide the client to make more responsible choices. We offer carbon-neutral kitchens by offsetting the emissions arising in their production.

Deliveries taking the environment into account

Our deliveries start with the planning of effective, eco-friendly transport routes. We track transport emissions using a carbon footprint calculator which measures emissions along the route driven, taking into account the weight of the products. Transport at our production facilities uses e-forklifts.

The client

We want to also affect our clients’ carbon footprint. We enable ecological kitchen concepts featuring clean indoor air, sustainable materials and energy-efficient home appliances, not to mention waste sorting! 


Our goal is to make kitchen materials part of the circular economy. We are constantly developing ways to minimize the generation of waste both at the factory and at the customer. The frames of our Puustelli Miinus kitchens have been made from fully recyclable biocomposite. We are a member of Finnish Package Recycling Rinki Ltd, who ensure that packaging is recycled rather than ending up in waste containers. We are also involved in the recycling of the lighting, home appliances and other electronic equipment supplied with our kitchens through our membership of Serty, which is responsible for the recycling of electrical equipment.

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