Natural Steps

Puustelli has launched the Natural Steps program to reduce emissions in conjunction with furniture production at the Harjavalta facilities and to offset emissions through long-term action by selected partners. Puustelli has committed to offering its clients carbon-neutral furniture with minimal emissions that the new program offsets. 

Natural Steps

Compliance with environmental standards and legislation is a natural part of Puustelli’s operations but for many years we have done much more. The systematic and guiding approach of our ISO 14001 certificate further raises the level of environment protection in the company and demonstrates the increasingly better management of environmental issues. We don’t just stand behind environmental issues – we act.

Natural Steps askeleita
Vuosi 1982
Member of the Association for Finnish Work

Puustelli was accepted as a member of the Association for Finnish Work in recognition of Finnish employment and expertise.


Vuosi 1989
FI certification

The SFS certification logo Puustelli used earlier was replaced by FI certification. Puustelli products comply with standards and meet safety and quality criteria.


Vuosi 1997
Water based coating line

• Surface treatment agents became water-based ones
Solvents, which are classified as hazardous waste, are no longer needed
No special measures are needed to clean tools
• At the same time, this means safer working conditions for employees

Vuosi 2009
Puustelli collection promoted through an ecological approach

• Special veneers are added alongside oak, birch and pine to curb demand for exotic woods.
The Miinus collection takes its first steps

Vuosi 2009 B
Lifecycle assessment for Puustelli kitchen

Puustelli’s ecological kitchen project assesses the environmental impacts of the kitchen throughout its lifecycle from the consumption of raw materials to the carbon footprint of the product, also taking into account the transport of materials and products.

Vuosi 2013
Ecological Miinus collection enters production

Years of research resulted in the Miinus collection being ready for production. Puustelli’s biocomposite frame is an integral part of the collection. The carbon footprint of our ecological kitchen is half that of a comparable conventional kitchen. All the materials are re-usable and recyclable.

Vuosi 2015
Recycling of transport boxes

A start was made on recycling transport boxes sent by manufacturers of drawer units and slide rails between Puustelli and the supplier. 

Vuosi 2017
From plastic to cardboard packaging

Product packaging material switches to more ecological, easily recyclable cardboard that provides excellent product protection.

Vuosi 2018
Use of solar power

Solar panels installed on the roof of the production facilities are brought into use. These produce around 40,000 kWh of electricity a year for the facilities’ own use. 

Vuosi 2019
Carbon footprint calculated for all operations

Puustelli determines the size of the carbon footprint caused by all its operations and announces an ambition to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Vuosi 2022
Stone types imported from afar are removed from the collection

Puustelli removes from its collection those stone kitchen counters whose raw materials we have been unable to determine the origin of. The decision also lowers the carbon footprint caused by transport. 

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