Tarpeelliset standardit

Necessary standards

Standards are needed to ease everyday life, increase safety, improve economy and rationalize operations. The FI mark is a recognized and valued standard in the European Economic Area.

FI ja Avainlippu

Puustelli furniture is made to FI standards

New product groups undergo extensive testing and inspections before acceptance for production. The products covered by the mark are constantly monitored and on-site inspections are regularly carried out. The durability, safety and quality of Puustelli products have been officially tested since 1989. In those days the existing FI mark was SFS.

Made in Finland

The Key Flag is a symbol of origin awarded by the Association for Finnish Work. At Puustelli, Finnishness is an intrinsic value in itself, since Puustelli’s century-old roots are deep in the Satakunta soil. All Puustelli furniture is designed and made in Harjavalta. The Key Flag Symbol emphasizes the Finnish origin and quality of our products. At the same time, we want to contribute to promoting Finnish employment and the importance of Finnish work. The Key Flag tells that the domestic content of a product made in Finland or a service provided in Finland is at least 50%. Domestic content means the share of the Finnish costs of the break-even cost of the product or service. The domestic content of Puustelli products is as much as 85%. Puustelli furniture made in Finland is strongly supportive of Finnish employment.