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Only those materials and parts that are the best of their kind measured by every criterion are included in the Puustelli collection. An uninterrupted information flow from the source of the material to our production facilities is indispensable. We know where the materials come from and how they are made. We have worked with many partners and importers for decades. The relationship of trust is firmly established. We know each other and our values are rooted firmly in the same cause.


Just testing the material is not enough to guarantee clean indoor air.

Clean indoor air in the home starts with the structures. When remodeling a home, it’s important to consider the type of surface materials for the rooms. M1 indoor air rating helps in the choice. However, clean material is not enough to guarantee clean indoor air and it is also important to take into account the fixatives and surface treatment agents used in installation.

Each of the more than 90% of Puustelli products tested belongs to the best indoor air M1 rating.

The product was sent to an impartial research institute for testing straight from the production line, just as it is delivered to a Puustelli customer. Emissions were tested by a chamber test to determine the volatile compounds in the product and their concentrations: VOC / TVOC, ammonia and formaldehyde. In addition, for the M1 classification, a sensory evaluation is carried out to ensure that the product does not emit odors that irritate the respiratory tract into the indoor air.

The tests required a differently structured door, including hinges, made of each different Puustelli material. In addition, tests were carried out on each differently structured frame made of different materials. Kitchen counters were sent exactly as delivered to the customer and, of course, each type of solid wood counter was tested both finished and oiled based on the Puustelli collection.

The M1 rating indicates the cleanness of the product.

There are three levels and  categories, of which M1 is the best. Based on the results from an independent testing laboratory, the Building Information Foundation has already classified more than 90% of Puustelli products as having the M1 rating.

Product manufacturing methods are at least as important for the durability, safety and cleanness of the product as the choice of material itself. At Puustelli, a strong input in product development, modern technology and the continuous honing of manufacturing methods ensure Puustelli products are durable, finished and safe for users.

A Puustelli kitchen is a safe choice.

Puustelli uses no substances containing heavy metals and nor do these arise during the manufacturing process. The glues used in production, which are needed when making doors, frames and kitchen counters, contain no added formaldehyde. No glue is needed at all with laser banded doors and kitchen counters.

We coat solid wood and veneered products with natural oils or water-borne stains and lacquers- Wood doors are also given a UV surface treatment to reduce color changes caused by natural light.

Puustelli quality consists of lasting, clean materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, not forgetting the visual image.


Puustelli part of the Onhan Siina Avainlippu campaign.

Puustelli kitchen furniture is part of the Association for Finnish Work and Key Flag companies’ Onhan siinä Avainlippu (It does have a Key Flag) campaign. Through the campaign we want to remember the importance of Finnish work underlaying our products.

We joined the campaign because Finnishness has always been one of our core values. The Key Flag Symbol indicating Finnish production was first awarded to Puustelli furniture more than 20 years ago. People have confidence in Finnish quality, work and competence. The fact that Puustelli kitchens have already been market leader in Finland speaks for itself. Choosing a Finnish product is also an ethical, ecological and responsible choice,” comments Puustelli Brand Manager Juuso Korpinen .

At Puustelli, we uphold Finnishness and Finnish jobs in every way. This is why all Puustelli furniture is made in Harjavalta at our own production facilities.

The Key Flag is a symbol of Finnish work.

The symbol can be awarded to a product that has been made in Finland. In addition the Finnish costs of the product must be at least 50% of the break-even cost. The calculation takes into account the total costs of the product.

Through the three-year Onhan siinä Avainlippu campaign, the Association for Finnish Work wants to raise the Key Flag to the value it deserves.

Research findings indicate that Finns want to make value-based choices. This is often forgotten when the actual purchase is made. Through the campaign, we stop the client when making the decision to buy. We teach consumers to check to see whether a product or service bears the Key Flag symbol. This is how we help consumers to make choices that are aligned with their values,” says campaign project manager Merja Mantila at the Association for Finnish Work.

The Key Flag symbol is very well known.

A study by the Association for Finnish Work shows that 79% of Finnish consumers know the Key Flag symbol very or quite well. Recognition among corporate decision-makers is 92%. Most Finns (71%) are of the opinion that the Key Flag impacts positively on decisions to buy.

The Onhan siinä Avainlippu campaign is a joint three-year campaign by the Association for Finnish Work and Key Flag companies. The campaign is tasked with increasing recognition of the Key Flag symbol of origin and its impact on decisions to buy. www.avainlippu.fi