Miinus Bioframes

The bioframes in an ecological Miinus kitchen are the future already today. The mainstay of the structure are the impressive bioframes. The saying “Less is More” is particularly aptly summed up in these furniture components. Material is only where the mainstay and durability are required, all unnecessary material has been removed – minused. The bioframe is cast into shape by injection molding and features ready-made mountings for drawers, mechanisms and hinges. The invention allows a fully innovative furniture system, which has been patented. Modifiability is allowed by the durability of the bioframes and is one of their best properties. A cabinet can be turned into a drawer unit, for example, without even needing to completely remove the bioframe. Unless you want to change the cabinet size or place that is. And even if you do, the bioframe can withstand detachment and remounts again and again.

Modifiable Miinus frame


Puustelli bioframes differ completely from widely-used cabinet frame materials. MDF or chipboard with a melamine or laminate coating are most commonly used in cabinets. Based on studies and carbon footprint calculations these materials can’t be used in ecological kitchens. This is why they can’t be found in the frames of a Miinus kitchen, nor in any other products like doors or worktops. The innovative structure of our bioframe replaces all the traditional cabinet frame materials. The heart of the structure is the bioframe, with stable and precision-measured mounting points. It is an indefatigable material with 0% formaldehyde. It has excellent resistance to the cold, heat and temperature fluctuations. The ingenious properties and details of the bioframe provide permanence, durability, safety, lightness, cleanliness, freshness and modifiability in the same package. The entire furniture system built on bioframes is the most innovative global invention in the furniture industry for decades. The invention has been patented.

Bioframe sizes