Oak veneer cabinets

We make the veneer cabinets in Puustelli furniture at our own production facilities. We use very low-emission furniture board and coat it with wood veneer to make our veneer cabinets. The cabinets and shelves come with veneer banding throughout. Our furniture surface treatments are non-toxic.

Oak is one of our tree species. The superb colours of oak’s own stains allow for delightful, harmoniously beautiful concepts, making them ideal for interior decor that exudes a dignified ambience. Veneer cabinets are an excellent choice for visible cupboards like open shelving, glass cabinets and end cupboards. Real wood creates a natural dignity in the home and the warm tones of the cabinets create an ambience wherever they are. All Puustelli cabinets are made non-toxically and nor do they bring indoor air problems into to your home. The cabinets have an M1 indoor air rating.