Home appliances

The Puustelli range has specifically designed furniture for every integrated appliance. This is how we can make sure in advance that safety, ergonomics and installation won't be an issue. The furniture sizes have been customised and we have checked that there are no problems with ventilation. Heat and moisture produced by appliances are always a challenge for carcasses and therefore every Puustelli carcass, big or small, has strips around all the edges. The strips around the edges also improve the quality of indoor air.

If you order home appliances together with furniture they are delivered in the same van and always carried inside. Only a few of the larger appliances need to be delivered separately but the delivery is scheduled for the time of the installation and they are carried inside your home.



The accessories ordered together with Puustelli furniture will be delivered at the same time so that everything is ready for the installation. We will carry inside sinks, taps, lights and all the other accessories you order with your furniture. Our flexible schedule guarantees that installation can start right on time.