Glowing colours

    Glowing colours & natural surfaces

    Cheaper melamine and laminate structured surfaces in the kitchen usually have an uncanny resemblance to the living surface of wood. All Puustelli products made from these materials have the best M1 indoor air rating and our kitchens also have this label.

    There is usually MDF underneath smooth painted surfaces. This is fine on its own or together with different types of wood. With our Solid colours you can create the entire emotional range from peaceful elements to dazzling details. Whether you’re a colour minimalist or a lover of bright hues, you set the tone with our unlimited colour palette. Even though other Puustelli kitchen materials have the best indoor air rating, painted surfaces do not. This is why the emission class label is missing for some kitchens.

    Ex Tempore

    Woof, I’m Berra

    Harmonic function

    Milkshake time

    The joy of music

    Grey is not a compromise

    A white truth

    Fascinating, mysterious black

    Life above the rooftops

    Amazing nature

    My home is my castle

    Puustelli Skammin talo

    Cosy at home

    Making the most of space

    The dress code is casual

    Turdus Merula, as if you didn't know

    Indoor freshness

    Space in snow-white, s’il vous plaît

    Retro in the air

    From cold to toasty

    All that glitters is not gold

    Land of ice and snow