Cleanliness is part of quality

    Puustelli furniture is ideal for all rooms in the home. The materials, including colours, have been chosen for easy coordination to create a distinctly cosy atmosphere throughout the home. Equally important is also how these cosy atmospheres are created in reality.

    Clean indoor air is vital to our health. Puustelli furniture is made of safe, premium quality materials and more than 90% of products in the Puustelli range already have the best M1 indoor air rating. This is yet another example of how we are a leader and trendsetter in the entire furniture industry.

    We have permission to use the M1 emission class for building material label in conjunction with those Puustelli kitchens where all the doors, frames and worktops have passed the relevant tests. The M1 label cannot be used in conjunction with images of some kitchens shown on our website because even though the frames and worktops have the top M1 ranking, the painted surfaces in the images have not passed the tests.



    We are constantly introducing new innovations to our kitchens. You will always find the latest trends at Puustelli

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    Other rooms

    Puustelli is at home in any room in your home. We enable you to use the same materials throughout your home.