• Every Puustelli kitchen is produced at our own plant at Harjavalta.


The industrial foundation for what was to become Puustelli was laid in 1920 with the founding of Harjavalta Osakeyhtiö in the village of Merstola in the municipality of Harjavalta. The company was set up for the purpose of wood processing and soon developed into an industrial undertaking with sawn lumber and harvesters as its principal products.


The end of the Continuation War brought new life to Finnish industry, and a new plant for manufacturing doors and windows was built at Harjavalta. Massive war reparations payable to the Soviet Unions jump-started Finland’s post-war industries.


As early as in the late 1960s, the Puustelli plant was focusing on high-end products, with a range of wood interior doors delivered to Sweden under the ‘Carl Larsson’ brand. The quality requirements for the materials and workmanship on these doors were unprecedentedly tough. Manufacturing them required the skills of a master joiner. Today, all Puustelli doors are manufactured to the same exacting quality standards as the premium ‘Carl Larsson’ doors were in their day.


The Puustelli kitchen concept was created in the depths of a recession in 1977. Mass production was becoming a thing of the past, and the Puustelli concept offered something new: customisation, service, artisan joinery, design, planning and installation services. The Puustelli brand was born.


The Puustelli range was expanded with new materials introduced in the 1980s. The joinery skills possessed by the company were applied to new types of wood, and new colour options were introduced with glazed finished, solid-colour MDF doors and melamine surfaces. Within a few years, by 1983, Puustelli became the most popular kitchen in Finland. Moreover, the industrial process for manufacturing white panel doors from wood pulp developed by Puustelli won the ‘Tuottava Idea’ (Productive Idea) award in 1986.


In the early 1990s, Puustelli expanded and invested in exports to Sweden, Russia and the Baltic states. In 1996, Tuottavuuskeskus ry awarded the company its productivity cooperation prize in recognition of productivity improvement.

In the 1990s, Puustelli began to offer kitchen remodelling as turnkey projects, including not only new kitchen fittings and their installation but also the dismantling of old fittings and plumbing and wiring installations. Another new feature was Puustelli financing, allowing the customer flexibility in paying for the renovation. This was the origin of Puustelli’s current All Inclusive service.


Puustelli has always focused on quality and customer satisfaction. These were at the forefront when the Puustelli quality system was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification, uniquely comprehensive in the industry. The system covers everything from product development through production, procurement, transports and installations to shop functions. Puustelli also introduced regular customer satisfaction surveys. More than 95% of Puustelli customers would be willing to recommend us to others.


Environmental matters have always been important at Puustelli. Water-based finishing agents were introduced at the Puustelli plant back in the 1990s. Ecology will continue to be a major component of everything that Puustelli does. Material choices and production processes will be fine-tuned to ensure that our environmental load is as low as possible.