Puustelli All Inclusive

The purpose of our service concept is to provide comprehensive, flexible assistance for your kitchen remodelling. You can count on the expertise of Puustelli professionals.


You can always consult Puustelli’s expert designers in all matters related to your kitchen. We will make sure that the cabinets and appliances in your kitchen are ergonomically designed and fit together seamlessly. Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do, and we have the latest design software, the best materials and the widest range of appliances available on the market. Puustelli will always be the first to tell you about the latest trends. Our design service is completely free of charge, naturally.


Correct measurement is a vital component in a successful end result. Our professionals will conduct the final inspection on your behalf, coming on site to ensure that everything has been taken into account. Our measurement service is free of charge.


Quality has always been paramount for us, and Puustelli is known for the quality of its long-lasting, durable products. Our products are manufactured using raw materials from reliable, high-quality sources that respect the environment. All orders for Puustelli kitchens and any related orders to our partners are always handled without middlemen. This helps minimise the potential for human error and enables us to serve you flexibly and efficiently. We also always make sure that you receive your entire delivery at one time, so that your kitchen is sure to be completed on schedule. All of your purchases at Puustelli can be covered by Puustelli financing.


There are many things to take into account when dismantling old fittings. You need to be aware of how to handle and recycle any materials that may come up. Repair needs also have to be investigated and dealt with before any new fittings are installed. You should include interior design work in your budget and planning from the start. For us, removal, recycling and interior design are just another day at the office, and we can handle all this flexibly and professionally. Dismantling costs can be covered by Puustelli financing.


Puustelli renovations are always carried out by experienced professionals. A kitchen renovation often involves sprucing up the rest of the home too. For a renovation to progress smoothly, it must be well planned and timetabled. Every stage requires its own special expertise for the work to progress as planned. Renovation costs can be covered by Puustelli financing.


Puustelli transports will show you the true meaning of the phrase ‘all systems go’. Everything will be taken care of for you. All items are carefully packed, and everything is delivered at the same time. Every single appliance, device, sink and tap will be insured and safely delivered to your home. We will inform you of the precise delivery date and time well in advance. Puustelli transport costs can be covered by Puustelli financing.


Puustelli installations are always provided with a guarantee. We employ reliable partners for appliance and plumbing installations. At this point, any interior decoration work begun at the dismantling stage will be completed. Once your kitchen is finished, all that will be left is the final cleaning and acceptance inspection. At this point, we will give you the maintenance and warranty documents for your kitchen. Installation costs can be covered by Puustelli financing.


Puustelli financing can be used to cover fittings, installations (cabinets, plumbing, wiring) and all products purchased from Puustelli (including appliances, sinks, taps and interior materials). You can have the total price of your kitchen calculated and financing approved in one session at one of our shops. You will be presented with a single invoice, payable in instalments suitable for you. Easy and effortless.


Puustelli kitchen cabinets have a 10-year functional warranty. We also give a 2-year warranty to the installation work carried out by Puustelli installers. Products that we do not manufacture ourselves, such as appliances, sinks and taps, have a 2-year warranty.


Customer satisfaction is key. We will not compromise on the quality of our services or our products; instead, we continually strive to improve them. Puustelli fittings are durable and can be added to years later if desired. We measure customer satisfaction through feedback surveys, and judging by feedback received we are doing an excellent job. Even independent surveys** show that 93% of our customers are satisfied and would recommend us to others. It is thus no coincidence that we have been a pioneer and a market leader for almost 30 years.

** Innolink Research Oy