They say that the kitchen the heart of a home. Thus, purchasing one is an important investment and surely you don’t want to make rash decisions when choosing it. So, take your time and dive into the world of our Idea Book. The Idea Book offers you inspiration and help to plan your own kitchen ensemble. No matter what you decide, your Puustelli kitchen will be measured and designed specifically according to your ideas and wishes.


Practicality an functionality in the kitchen and elsewhere in the home depend on careful planning and right material choices for the space. The Material Selection Guide will give you all the information you need about our materials and products. You may best benefit from it when used together with our Idea Book.

Care and maintenance instructions

By following these instructions you can enjoy a fully functional kitchen for many years to come. Please note that failure to do so may void the warranty. Please read these care, maintenance and user instructions carefully. They are designed to help you make the most of your new furniture, and to ensure their functionality and performance for years to come.