• You can be environmentally friendly in your kitchen by reducing energy consumptions. Even little things like cleaning and defrosting your fridge units regularly means a lot.

In this house we care about environment

We put ourselves under the scrutiny of our ecological magnifying glass. Our goal is to manufacture each Puustelli kitchen as ecologically as possible from start to finish. Here at Puustelli environmental actions are part of everyone's job description. We are the ecological pioneers in our field and we have taken very concrete measures to help the environment. These achievements make us proud and we are going to keep up the good work.

We are known for our finicky ways when it comes to choosing materials, and the materials that make it into our range are the best of their kind, measured by all criteria. The woods we use originate from certified forests that are regrown responsibly. Naturally, we do not use any endangered wood species in our products. The majority of our products comply with the strictest emission limits of category M1.

We recycle waste systematically according to the standards of a modern production facility, and when possible the cuttings are used for heating our factory. We have also made a serious commitment to reduce waste in our production processes and we use our materials to the fullest.

Investing strongly in product development and constantly refining manufacturing methods guarantee that the product is sustainable, polished and safe to use. We do not use any substances that contain heavy metals, nor are they produced by our processes. Puustelli carcasses come fully assembled and equipped with strips around all the edges, including the panel materials. The glues used in manufacturing, which are needed in the making of carcasses, doors and counters, do not contain added formaldehyde. The products that have laser strips do not need any glue at all. The surfaces of solid wood and bevelled products are finished with natural oils or water-soluble stains and varnishes.

All of the aforementioned things are vital when it comes to the product's sustainability and the quality of indoor air. As a responsible manufacturer, it is our duty to take these matters into consideration. Our reduced carbon footprint and the low emission rates of indoor air pollutants from our furniture show that we have been successful. Puustelli kitchens are meant for every one of us.

When it's time to renovate we dismantle your old kitchen and sort and recycle all of its old components efficiently. The packaging materials and plastics of your new kitchen will also be delivered for reuse. We have minimised the amount of toxic waste, wasted energy and landfill waste generated by our operations.

The Puustelli kitchen product family offers readymade energy-efficient solutions. Energy-saving options like LED and fluorescent lights as well as induction cooking and refridgeration, or water-saving dishwashers and washing machines are all part of planning an ecological kitchen. In addition, we have developed recycling unit solutions that fit any kind of kitchen. With these simple choices we can take care of the environment every single day.

Ecological thinking swept through Puustelli a long time ago. It has led us like an affectionately raised horse. It can be seen in every movement and controlled gesture. Our gait has been confident, but the journey would not have been possible with blinkers. This is our path, and we want to keep following it. Together with everyone. Together with you. Tomorrow is here now.