Puustelli Group Oy is among the leaders in developing an environmentally friendly furniture industry. We aim for an environmentally responsible approach covering the entire product lifecycle, minimizing environmental impacts, saving resources, avoiding waste and carefully recycling materials.

Responsible choice

We offer our clients the chance to make responsible choices when choosing our products. We are also able to guide the client to make decisions in accordance with sustainability principles.

Ethical guidelines

Active improvement

We react promptly to deviations and seek to correct errors without delay. We are actively working to find improvement opportunities in all areas.

We guide the operations of the entire organization on the basis of an annual plan. Written operational targets are defined annually for each area of responsibility. The company’s management monitors the achievement of the targets of the entire network and ensures that each area of responsibility has sufficient trained resources.

Standards and regulatory requirements

We meet regulatory requirements, industry standards and the requirements of our own integrated management system, which also ensures the continuous development and improvement of our operations.


We invest in the competence and continuing development of our employees. We create a safe and meaningful environment for our employees where everyone has a chance to develop their competence and own work. Each person in our organization has the right and duty to know what is expected of him or her. We encourage each employee to take responsibility and we expect engagement in developing operations. We require the entire organization to implement and comply with common rules of play.

Personnel and management relations are managed through good mutual cooperation.

Puustelli Group Oy’s quality, environmental, industrial health and work safety policy.