Eettiset ohjeet

Ethical guidelines

At Puustelli, we adhere to and uphold the principles of human rights, rights at work, the environment and anti-corruption.

1. Human rights

We have committed to adhering to universal human rights and do not engage in activities that violate human rights. We also require our suppliers to respect human rights. Puustelli does not sell to or buy products or services from parties found to be violating human rights.

2. Right to work

We respect freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining and agreements and conditions relating to working. We manage personnel and management relations through good mutual cooperation. We invest in the competence and continuing development of our employees. We create a safe and meaningful environment for our employees where everyone has a chance to develop their competence and own work. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or inappropriate treatment in any form.

We require our partners to comply with agreements relating to working and working conditions that respect human dignity. We do not work with parties whose employees work under duress or in inhumane conditions or who use child labor. Nor must our partners allow discrimination, harassment, bullying or inappropriate treatment in any form.

3. Environment

We are among the leaders when it comes to developing an environmentally friendly furniture industry. We aim for an environmentally responsible approach that covers the entire product lifecycle, minimizing environmental impacts, saving resources, avoiding waste and recycling materials as carefully as possible. We require our suppliers to bear their own equally uncompromising responsibility for the environment.

4. Anti-corruption

We are not involved in any form of corruption, including extortion and bribery. We neither give nor receive money or any gifts or other benefits of inappropriate size that may be construed as an attempt to influence decision-making. We require our suppliers to have a similar approach to corruption, extortion and bribery.