Ekologisuus ja puhtaus


Environmental issues have crept unnoticed into the whole home through the Puustelli kitchen and have come to stay. Besides spotless production, each of us at Puustelli also does eco-deeds, large and small, for example in power and water consumption, and waste sorting, in our own work environment.

Environmental loading can only be reduced by reducing environmental loading.

Compliance with environmental legislation is a natural part of Puustelli’s operations and we are committed to complying with environmental requirements in accordance with standards. Our commitment is confirmed by the ISO 14001 certificate awarded to our company. Its systematic and guiding approach raises the company’s level of environmental protection and further demonstrates the increasingly better management of environmental responsibility.

We don’t just stand behind environmental issues, we act. We have shown in a concrete and tested way how environmental loading can be reduced in furniture manufacture. Our PuustelliMiinus kitchen collection has been in production since 2013. Carbon footprint calculations show it is still the most ecological kitchen choice. Instead of chipboard, the frame structure of Miinus furniture has an ecological Puustelli biocomposite frame as the support structure. The bioframe is a completely recyclable product that is 100% water resistant. It contains a modest 0% formaldehyde. We use the research information obtained from the Miinus kitchen in our entire Puustelli production range. This biostructure is now also in Puustelli bathroom furniture.

We have minimized environmental impacts in the manufacture, packaging, dismantling, installation and transport of products, and across our entire operations. Systematic waste sorting at our production facilities also promotes our environmental approach. 

Puustelli materials

We are known to be discerning in our choices of furniture materials, which is why we select them at the manufacturers themselves according to our own environmental and quality criteria. Only those materials that meet the requirements of our responsible lifecycle design are included in the Puustelli collection. Cooperation with our esteemed material suppliers is confidential and has lasted for decades. We share the same environmental values and quality ambitions.

We use certified wood

Forests are the lungs of the world and also a source of income for a billion people. Illegal logging causes concern and disrupts the entire ecosystem. Only wood from PEFC and FCS forests ends up at Puustelli. Certification is an assurance that the origin of the wood can be traced and that the forest is well managed and properly replanted. Puustelli makes all wood products in its collection at its own production facilities.

Puustelli product design

Responsible lifecycle design is the heart of designing a Puustelli product. From the product idea onwards, responsibility commits us to weighing up the necessity of the product and how it is made. As long as each point in the lifecycle design is met, carefully, individually chosen materials for each product will move progress from the design table.

Puustelli furniture

The quality of long-lasting Puustelli furniture is based on durable, non-toxic materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. Our non-toxic production process ensures that Puustelli products are safe to make, safe to use and do not cause indoor air problems.

At the end of their lifecycle the products can also be safely disposed of.

Manufacture of Puustelli furniture

We treat the surface of Puustelli furniture with gentle oil or water-based finishing agents which, because of their durability and non-toxicity, are suitable for toddlers’ toys. We use no glues that contain added formaldehyde in our production process and no glue is needed at all when laser banding doors and kitchen counters. Puustelli’s entire production process is non-toxic. We use no substances containing heavy metals and nor do these arise during the manufacturing process. 

Puustelli furniture packing materials

Some years ago, Puustelli switched from using plastic packaging to the use of corrugated cardboard packaging. Sturdy, adaptable cardboard packaging provides excellent furniture protection and keeps the sliding parts in place during transport and transfer. Not many different sizes of packaging are required and nor does it take up too much storage space.

Puustelli is committed to reducing environmental loading as carefully as possible and the new packaging solutions significantly help in this. There are other benefits, too, since transport packaging is clean and easy for the driver to move. It also makes life easier for the fitter, who can quickly open the packaging, get it into a small space and easily recycle it. Cardboard is also a more pleasant material to handle at home.

Recycling of packing materials

Puustelli is also a member of Finnish Packaging Recycling Rinki Ltd. The system is an excellent one and very little packaging material remains unused. The Rinki label communicates a company’s responsibility and the management of packaging producer responsibility.

Recycling of electrical appliances

Puustelli also a member of Serty, which is responsible for the recycling and management of waste electrical and electronic equipment. With our kitchens, we also deliver lights, home appliances and other home electronics, for example. Through our Serty membership, we contribute to the costs arising from the recycling of electrical waste. Puustelli is a member also of El Kretsen Ab, which arranges similar recycling and waste management in Sweden.


Environmental issues have crept unnoticed into the whole home through the Puustelli kitchen and have come to stay. Besides spotless production, each of us at Puustelli also does eco-deeds, large and small, in for example, power and water consumption, and waste sorting, in our own work environment.

Puustelli has continuously been Finland’s best selling and highest-regarded kitchen in Finland since 1983. This is probably no coincidence. We offer our clients the nation’s best products and service. We also think we do it in the most ecological way.

More ecological light and heat

Reducing power consumption is the alpha and omega and the most important internalization in the ecological approach. Over the past couple of years, Puustelli has systematically reduced power consumption across the board from production to the office.

Measures aimed at reducing power consumption have been taken at the desk, in conjunction with new buildings and in machine procurements. Small changes also make a difference, for example when LEDs gradually replace halogen.

Puustelli’s measures to reduce power consumption have made a difference. Over the past couple of years we have managed to reduce power consumption by around 10%. Power consumption can only be reduced by reducing power consumption. It’s that simple.

Power is needed all the same, but what type? In its own operations, Puustelli has made gradual improvements in its own operations to produce more ecological electricity. Some of the electricity used by Puustelli is carbon-dioxide-free electricity generated by our own solar power plant. All the power currently used by our production facilities is emission-free, hydropower.

In production, we are also committed to reducing waste and using materials as carefully as possible. We can generate some of the heating for the production facilities by burning wood waste from production that we otherwise can’t use.

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